Serendipity Chocolate Melts/Drops






Return Brief – ‘Serendipity’ Chocolate Melts or Drops

Target Market – Mature Age, Female, Glass of Wine & Chocolate, No Special Occasion Required.

Imagery – Photographic Based, Chocolate Drops, Chocolate Writing, Lines of Chocolate, Minimal 1950’s Retro Style, Atomic Lines?

Colour – Chocolate with orange or mint flavour.

Typography – DaFont, The Loyalist, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Dealer.

Photoshop Brushes?

Packaging – Thin Rectangle Box, Fine Lines.


Noort’s Package




My confectionary will be aimed at a target market of 25 – 40 year old professionals that make purchases with a conscious thought as to what that product says about who they are.

The product will be a “semi-medicinal confectionary” eucalyptus drop. Its packaging will be a retro take on 1950’s sign writing, with minimal colouring and unique typography. The product will be used as a desktop confectionary or a handbag accessory to those young proffessionals that need something to suck on during their busy day. 

The serendipitous connection here is that eucalyptus lollies were the bees knees of classroom confectionary to all kids who went to a strict catholic school in the 1990’s. You could always make friends with eucalyptus lollies at my school, trust me!

Ricci Confectionary Packaging Design- Return Brief

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The target market for my packaging design is aimed at women any age, I chose this market because the brand name Serendipity seems very feminine and pretty.

My colour choices for the package design will be pale pink, cream and chocolate brown. The overall look of the packaging will be quite pretty and feminine, with dark coloured, flowing script type typography to make it stand out.

For my packaging I have decided on a slim, tall box or cube shape, I choose this design because I want it to be able to stand up so you can see the design and brand name clearly and also it will stand out on the shelf!

Peita – Artisan Raw Chocolate

Artisan Raw Chocolate 

100% pure, raw, organic, and packed with antioxidants that nourish mind, body and soul. Void of preservatives, flavor extracts, and food coloring. Truffles are handmade over very low heat at a small chocolate lab using only the highest quality superfood ingredients and, of course, Vitamin L (love). Created with your health and your heart in mind, Raw Chocolate Love is love at first bite.

Target market is eco minded 20+ vegan, health conscious, organic

The design concept was to play on the idea of being handmade and include hand drawn illustrations and typography with a simple complimentary color palette was used as well as use of texture and pattern through illustration to support the idea of hand-made products which elicit pleasant associations of warmth and lightness of the product.




‘Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects.
The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se’.
Charles Eames

This brief challenges you to take a metaphorical journey on the theme of connections. Explore the theme as broadly as possible and take us on a journey that might link, amongst other things – people, events, philosophies, theories, objects, movements, inventions, history, literature, etc.

Your journey is only limited by your imagination and the quality of your research – surprise us with the juxtaposition of your selected themes but be sure to communicate to the viewer the ‘connectedness’ of the thinking within your design.

[This project is from the International Society of Typographic Designers Education Resources, Student Assessment Scheme 2002.]

Post your 200 word outline of potential concepts here. 

Andru Chocolate box

Brand Name: Serendipity Chocolate

Product Name: Tattooed Lady Fingers

Inspired by: Old fashion sideshow and circus posters.

Target market: Alternative/counter culture adults age 20-30, Vegan, health conscious, organic, ethical, novelty.

Look: Box: Simple rectangular box which stands vertically; similar to tea packaging, or possibly something more elaborate. Will feature a vintage portrait image of a tattooed lady.  Product: The chocolate will be in the form of actual life size fingers, made in a mould. Wrappers: Will twist either end of each finger. The wrappers will have classic tattoo motifs on them, and the ends will be stripy probably red and white. il_570xN.387046056_ewqw MD001-dark-lowres-web-RGB-212x300 2 09_28_10_Digestives2 100_2818 2037865383_39fbd36755 GermanChocolateBox-500x326 rogers_early_years_myers_card_wm                          sideshowbge2da1c02293ef1861ec0dc53da7d11941 Wallona Aritta

Francisco Package desing

My Idea is to bring the original chocolate roots from the caribbean to the package by using old images from local islanders, my target market is the chocolate connoisseur age between 18+ men and women. As far as package desing i will like it to be simple and minimalist, so maybe create a big “brick” or something rough ImageImageImageImage