Ellie – Scher Logo Design

Paula Scher and Logo Design





Paula creates images that speak to contemporary audiences with emotional impact and appeal.  Her career monograph is ‘Make it Bigger’, and that can be seen in her large scale typography projects that are spread across floors, walls and buildings.

Paula has lectured and exhibited all over the world, you can find some of her inspiring, thought provoking and slightly humorous speeches at www.ted.com and www.youtube.com.  Areas of distinction include identity design, packaging design, publication design and environmental graphics.

An example of a recent logo design is Microsoft 8, where Scher asked ‘Your name is Windows, Why are you a flag?’  This then took Scher and Microsoft on a journey to the roots of the organisation, whereby, the brand started as a window, but over the years, as computing systems grew more powerful and graphics more complex, the logo evolved into a flag.  As you will see from the windows logo below, Scher has taken Microsoft back to its window’s roots and somewhat decoded the original organisational message.  An inspiring, confident designer, willing to stand out and do something different – non conventional – DESIGN.










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