Avi – Hjarta Smarta Post 3

Hjarta Smarta is the pseudonym of the artist duo Samira Bouabana and Angela Tillman Sperandio. They both graduated in 2001 from the Stockhom Forsberg School of Graphic Design and since then have worked as graphic designers and illustrators on a freelance basis. They create book covers, posters, advertisement campaigns, editorial illustrations and much more

These Two designers are relatively new into the design scene compared to people like Stephan Sagmeister or Paul Rand and they are still establishing a name for them selves. For 10 years now they have been running a design agency Heart Pain. After a few years as designer they started looking for role models. they felt they had no women in the industry to reflect themselves, however it is my opinion that Paula Scher is a great role model for them.

Following on, they started Hall of Femmes, a project that focuses on female designers and art directors with extensive experience in the profession. In March 2009, they went for the first time to New York to interview some of the design world’s biggest names – these interviews is now the basis for a book series.

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