Alex Lee – Ken Cato

Ken Cato

Ken Cato is an Australian designer with an international reputation. Cato’s work covers all surfaces of corporate and brand management and design. His philosophy of design is dynamically holistic, providing the synergistic solutions that produce positive results. Some of the logos that he is recognized for are Lj Hooker, Seven Network , Commonwealth Bank and Qantas.



According to the Commonwealth bank the symbol derived from the alignment of the Southern Cross. The development of the trademark’s single, extended character, double M typeface is also surprising. “It simply came down to having very uncomfortable words placed together,” says Cato. “It was a very long word followed up by a descriptor word like ‘bank’ and I needed to make the word ‘Commonwealth’ as short as I could.


“I can’t see how the logo has improved [since Sellheim’s design], you could redraw it or restyle it, but the wings made it distinct and gave it a mystical, untouchable edge, which is still such a part of our history,” says Cato. “This was one of the most memorable trademarks you could make.”

Yet another interpretation of the iconic kangaroo symbol was revealed in July 2007, this time designed to reflect the changing structure of the airline’s new generation aircraft A380 super jumbos. Unveiled by internationally revered designer Hans Hulsbosch, of Hulsbosch, the new version was sleeker and more contoured than previous versions. Lunn however, who controversially clipped the wings 20 years prior, rubbished the logo, referring to it as “big foot.”

“We never thought the design would be revolutionary, because Qantas was already regarded as one of the most recognized brands in the world,” Hulsbosch explains. “So we could never be revolutionary; it just needed to be contemporized.”




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