Patrick – Logographic Designer – Henry Steiner

Henry Steiner is a renowned graphic designer responsible for some of the most prominent iconography in the city and around the world, dubbed the father of Hong Kong Design, with designs for Hong Kong Land, HSBC, the Jockey Club, Lane Crawford and even commissioned to design the city’s bank notes by the Hong Kong government in 1975.

Henry Steiner is an Austrian graphic designer born in 1934 in Vienna Austria. He left at the age of 5 because the Nazis where taking over Austria, managing to escape just before the war started. It was a narrow escape and his mother managed to save henry, his father, his grandmother and uncle. Over half of his remaining family where killed.

He went to America where he did a lot of his schooling in New York educated at the Sorbonne and at Yale.

He ended up in Hong Kong While freelancing an Asian weekend supplement for a New York magazine. What originally was supposed to be 9 months trip turned into henry living there for 47 years.

Many things where in their infancy, tourism hotels and financial business just started budding. Many businesses needed branding and Hong Kong as a whole was just starting to develop an identity.

Established in 1964 Henry Stieiner’s Steiner&Co is one of the world’s leading design consultancies, concentrating on branding and corporate identity provides brand creation and strategy for organizations like HSBC, CiticPacific, Unilever, and theHong Kong Jockey Club, helping to manage how the world perceives them.

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