Woody Pirtle: Simplistic logos to last a lifetime by Peita

  • Born Woodrow Tyler Pirtle, Jr in 1944
  • University of Arkansas in 1969- Fine Arts and Architecture
  • Dallas, Texas 1978 Pirlte Design was established.
  • 2003 was awarded the prestigious AIGA medal.
  • Taught and lectured at the School of Visual Arts, alliance Graphique Internationale and served on the board of HOW magazine and the American Institute of Graphic Design.


Texan born, Louisianan raised and New York aged, “Woody” Tyler Pirtle is a highly regarded American designer. Woody made his first stop after finishing college in 1967 at a small advertising agency. A couple of years later, realizing that he needed to be in a larger market if he was to make anything of himself, he moved to Dallas.

In 1978 Woody Pirtle established Pirtle Design in Texas and since then, few have influences the world of design more than he. In 1988 Woody merged Pirtle Design with Pentagram, an international design consultancy founded in London in 1972, becoming a partner at their New York offices for the next 18 years while continuing to work with some of the firm’s most prestigious clients. Between 1988 and 2005, Woody and the office of Pentagram produced work for Brown-Forman, Bacardi Global Brands, Flying Fish Brewing Company, Watch City Brewing Company, Murray’s Cheese, Really Cool Foods, IBM, Champion International Corporation, Fine Line Features, The Rockefeller Foundation, Nine West, Northern Telecom, Knoll International, Wellesley College, Princeton University, Brooklyn Law School, and Amnesty International, plus many others. He has won every award there is to win in his field of design, including the prestigious AIGA Medal for his contribution to the design profession in 2003.



In 2005 Woody left Pentagram to re-establish Pirtle Design. Woody Pirtle was commissioned in 2002 by Amnesty International to design a series of posters focusing on twelve of the individual articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



In more recent years, Pirtle showed support for Barrack Obama during the 2008 presidential race, and was one of the many artists to design a poster for the exhibit “Where is My Vote?” for the Green Movement in Iran.




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