Andru Post 2: Designer 1 Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy was a French man who lived from 1893-1988. He began his career an an  engineer, specifically creating locomotives and refrigerators before he went on to expand onto graphic design within and beyond the industries of his engineering work. A lot of the most common day logos that bombard our world today were designed by Mr Loewy.

In 1940 Loewy recreated the Lucky Strike cigarette packaging, making it sharper, brighter and more ‘striking’.

His work for Coca Cola spanned over several decades and although he did not design their logo or the original bottle design, in 1954 he redesigned the preexisting coke bottle design, giving it the more refined silhouette that is the coke bottle today. Raymond is also responsible for designing the very first ice cold Coca Cola dispensers, which eventually evolved into the vending machines of todays modern world.

In 1971 Loewy was approached by the Shell petroleum country with a design problem. The company was always visually represented by a picture of a shell, but the earlier designs were hard for drivers to distinguish. There were many stages in the development of the logo from 1900 to 1971 when Loewy designed the logo which is still used more than forty two years later. After the success with Shell, he was inevitably approached by Shells competitor BP, which used his logo extensively until very recent years.

Raymond Loewy’s logo designs were always very clear and simple and due to this approach, his logos had a timeless quality.

images-2        images-1Unknown-1       images-10 images-11



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