Colour Theorist Johannes Itten – Ellie

Colour Theorist Johannes Itten

From 1919 to 1933 the Bauhaus School supported innovation in arts and architecture.  It was during this time that Johannes Itten (a teacher at the Bauhaus) developed the ‘Colour Wheel’.  Colour, through the development of the colour wheel, was enhanced through the ability to apply different palettes, group colours together and use different shades or hues.  The colour wheel introduced colour harmony and colour cultural association to the world and is now used widely within various innovative industries, including architecture, interior decoration, graphic design and artistry.



Further colour theories were developed by the Bauhaus, including, associating colour with individual emotions and aura (preferences and sensations).  These psychological theories developed by the Bauhaus are utilised today by artists and marketers in industries to prompt psychological colour responses towards hunger, relaxation, activity, fun, etc.


The Bauhaus influenced various art movements.  An example is ‘Abstract Expressionism’, where art revolved around colour theories through the use of clean, clear edges of solid colours.



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