Patrick – Typographer – KRIS HOLMES

Kris Holmes born 19. 7. 1950 in Reedly, California, USA is a calligrapher who has worked on many typeface designs.

Her only formal training in type design was a two week course with Hermann Zapf in 1979. Shortly thereafter she went to work for the Heil Co. in Germany as a type designer. In 1982 Charles Bigelow got a job teaching type design at Stanford University. Bigelow and Holmes began doing contract type design which resulted in the Lucida family of typefaces, originally designed for Scientific American magazine. Lucida Grande, the system font for Apple Computer’s OSX Operating System and the creation of the core fonts of the Java 2 language and developer kit for Sun Microsystems. These multi-lingual fonts cover five scripts, including Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic, and twelve styles, comprising 10,000 characters in all. Approximately 150 million fonts designed by Bigelow & Holmes are in circulation and have been issued with several operating systems including Macintosh and Windows.

Kris has taught letter and type design courses at Portland State University, the Portland Museum Art School, Rhode Island School of Design, Santa Monica College, and the Otis College of Art. She has also taught type design tutorials for the Unicode consortium and the Raster Imaging and Digital Typography conferences.

Fonts: Holmes has designed over 75 fonts, including Leviathan (1979), Shannon™ (with Janice Prescott, 1982), Baskerville® (Revival, 1982), Caslon (Revival, 1982), ITC Isadora® (1983), Sierra™ (1983), Lucida® (with Charles Bigelow, 1985), Galileo (1987), Apple New York (1991), Apple Monaco (1991), Apple Chancery (1994) and Kolibri (1994).




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