Coffee Made Me Do It

Coffee Made Me Do It/Simon Alander

Simon Alander, sometimes under the popular alias ‘Coffee Made Me Do It’, is a prominent Swedish designer and typographer. His work during the twentieth century is highly influential. His use of swirling curvature while retaining a sharp and constant contrast is both a startling and evocative use of the literary form. It is reminiscent of the European script of old but as if it had somehow met and fused itself with the more modern fonts and typefaces of the modern world of typography and design. It is this historical and cultural comparison in his work that has made him an eminent figure in the evolution of typography, specifically in the twentieth century. His work often takes a reference or influence from the modern worlds ‘graffiti’ script that is often seen scrawled upon backstreet alley walls, gritty subway walls and dirty dumpsters. In this aspect, Alander is able to reach out to a younger and more prominent audience yet while keeping the curling tails and structured spines of the 18th century he is able to reach out to an older clientele as well. The rounded and ‘friendly type’ of the 50’s also seeps it’s way into his work and so too does the simple design of Helvetica. His use of language and the generally colloquial form also reflects his choice in design and it is this aspect, his ability to reach different people in different ways, that he has become one of the most relevant and prominent graphic designers of our time.

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