Andru Gyulay Poster designer: The Bubble Process

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The Bubble Process is a two-man design and illustration firm built on this foundation: good food, good music, good time. In 2006 we, (Sean Higgins and Nicholas Rezabek), decided to make our dream job since no one else had made it for us, so here we are doing exactly what we love. The two of us met in 1999 at Kent State University and have been best buds ever since. We live apart, (Cleveland, OH and Brooklyn, NY) but come together via the World Wide Web (virtually inseparable – pun intended!), passing files, ideas, notes and jokes with digital ease and style. We have 2 BFAs under our belts and 4 eyes, 4 hands and 2 bellies above them.

Their graphic style is characterised by rough, abstract, hand drawn illustrations, which are divinely imperfectly perfect. Their unique style has allowed them to gain success in a wide range of industry’s, from coffee labels, to magazine editorials, to rock concert posters.

-a true inspiration for upcoming designers:

Some of their most notable clients include:

The Black Keys

Cleveland Magazine

Guitar world Magazine

Phoenix Coffee

Resonance Magazine

Dave Mathews Band

Big Smash Productions



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