Elfie – Poster Designer: Berk Kizilay’s

Berk Kizilay’s resides in Izmir, Turkey. He is a graphic designer, digital artist (specializing in typography), a poster designer and amateur photographer. The figurative illustrations in his work have a sensual and almost airbrushed look, whereas the use of his typography elements stand in contrast to his illustrations by is chaotic and masculine use.

Kizilay has a very unique style in Typograpic Art. Kizilay layers text and design elements into compositions that are immensely creative, extraordinary and innovative.  Their compositions are almost architectural in nature. The following examples of his poster design illustrate the depth and variety of typographic artwork.

3D_TYPO_WITH_3D_GLASS_by_palax 5551a371e57d4c3b6f0c3913ec6d212d queengine_by_palax-d5qxeq0 right_here_right_now_by_palax-d6327s7 One250_by_palax plus12_by_palax-d5kwore berk-kizilay-04 berk-kizilay-06 berk-kizilay-08 berk-kizilay-05


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