Fabien Barral Poster Designer

When you want to see art and graphic design together in perfect harmony, look at Fabien Barral’s work. Playful colours, intriguing textures, shapes and typography,  it is refreshing, inspiring and very tastefully done.

Fabien Barral is a French graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from around the world. He never had any talent in drawing which was frustrating for him as a child, so he started cutting out magazines and would do compositions with them. He then started playing with Xerox and when computers came in he’s life that is where he could express himself… but not with computer alone, with all the images he liked and could get hold of in second hand book markets, things that could be textures, and made his images to look what they are.

His wife Frédérique does amazing watercolours, textures and other shapes and stuff he uses in his work… It is not a job to him, it is an everyday living philosophy.

Design, relationships and an exchange of ideas are more important to him than the financial resources of the client though.

“I put everything that inspires me here. Good design can be planned, great designs just happen!”






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