Poster Designer -Michel Bouvet- Alex Lee

Michel Bouvet

Born in 1955 Tunis , he studied and graduated  at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSB-A).

His design influences include Fernand Léger, Raymond Savignac, André François and Roman Cieslewicz.

His posters are very often the result of a mixture of techniques (photography, collage, sculpture, painting), which gives them a highly poetic graphic dimension.

He has won many national and international design awards in Poland, Finland, Japan, China, Czech Republic. Since 2002, he designs the corporate identity for the Rencontres d’Arles. He has been the curator of several international graphic design exhibitions.

Michel Bouvet quote

I don’t think it’s possible to please everyone. It would be worrisome if we did. I am pleased with the reactions, whether positive or negative. In 2007, there were those who hated the cat, which was good: it proved that it was provocative! Nevertheless, each year, the poster is eagerly anticipated, like a game. Everyone sees what they want: a cow or a zebu, a bird or a rooster, a hippopotamus or a rhinoceros!.”




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