Poster Designs

Posters are pieces of printed paper designed to be attached to walls, etc, and generally include both textual and graphic elements.  Designs are meant to be both eye catching and informative to convey a message for many different purposes (events, concerts, films, etc)

Poster Designers researched include Beggar Staffs, Robert Bereny, Gino Bocasile, Sandor Bortnyk, Firmin Bouisset, Leonetto Cappiello, Jean Carlu to contemporary designers such as David Tartakover, Jefferson Wood, Echo Chernik, Warren Dayton, Andrew Francois, Syd Brak and Reza Abedini.

Syd Brak designs both airbrush and illustration were interesting designs, however, in general, I liked many of the designers and have chosen to include various posters in this blog.

All-men-dream Coca Cola boy ad _1 images images10 images11 images13 images14 images15 images17 images18 images20 images26 images27 LDkiss PEACHES &  CREAM__1 PUMA-milk-collection The-Awakening-Tour1 Unknown






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