Milk Advertisement in the 1960th and Today

In the 1960th

55carnationmilk 1944-boys-playing-marbles-carnation-milk-ad-soldier-cfb772.25Transparency: Advertisement.. It's Sweet to Drink Milk. Hood Coll.Carnation Instant Milk- 19600606 Lifecarnation-evaporated-milk-ad-vintage-advertisement-1943-cd4bc z_ 41fqov1oi6L._SL500_AA300_

Historically, dairy advertising and public relations efforts, along with government programs, had helped to build the widely held belief that drinking milk was the key to good health, particularly for children. Drinking milk linked the consumer to the dairy farms out in the rural countryside, a space implied to be healthier, both morally and hygienically.

The Milk labels in the 1960th displayed happy healthy children drinking milk, mothers feating the children milk or young slim sexy women drinking milk. The labels were colorful and bright, the typography playful, handwritten brushstrokes were used widely.

Milk Labels TODAY Lehigh-Valley-logo-feature harveston-farms-logo forme-tubes fonterra logo low res design-logo-raw-goat-milk-personal-care-product-logo-design-99designs_5514138~7e64613aece44fd0bb56623248c9ecac0b380587_largecrop

Today Milk Labels are simple and clean. They are often displaying nature elements, like leaves, the rising sun, flowers, happy animals (in the 60th happy children – in 2010 happy cows or goats). The variety of milk products is abundant and the competition high. Companies that want to stand out and be competitive in the market focus on organic, clean milk. Although alternative milk product not produced from Cow Milk are more and more popular and in focus of advertisement campaigns such as Rice Milks, Nut Milks, Goats Milk.


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