avi – packaging comparison

I am comparing cigar packaging from 1900s to modern day to modern day cigar packaging.

1900s packaging uses more illustrative style even having a full portrait of cigar developers face.

The logo are more embellished having a lot of details very art nouveau and victorian art style.

The box were all made of card board with printed colour paper stuck over the top, a simple rectangle box with a lid to be kept open on store selves for self contained advertising.

The modern day cigar packaging range from wood to card board. The design are more sophisticated with lids and stands for the cigars.

The logo are smaller, most of them have lost high detail, but some still retain their original designs, i think its to show their old established tradition as a cigar maker.

The print method has became more high tech, with cleaner straighter, finer lines. The colour range and detail has increased as well where needed.

So in conclusion the styles of packaging has gone from simple to complicated. However the art style on the packaging has gone from complicated to simple and smaller. The material used has increased in variety from only card board and paper to wood and metal.

37dc67916ca50237792c60bac1820f4c 945422_10201126522184619_1921514103_n 1343211272845409 cigar_box_r_g_dunn_bouquet_cigar_box_vintage_cigar_box_7d5f7f3f CX PIC 4 _ Aik Chin Teoh il_fullxfull.116572996 tumblr_m3oah0di861qh0381o1_500


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