Behind the squeaky clean….

As is prevalent with most trends, what goes around comes around.

This same rule even applies to mundane products such as soap, with companies repackaging and rejigging their image by taking things back to basics and marketing old school styles to appeal to the modern day customer.

Take a look at the packaging used back in the 1893.


not too dissimilar to the look of the products we use today…..

Image  images-1

So how did we get here? Through a widely, overexercised use of color, excessive branding and cheesy shapes and designs.

The 90’s in particular saw soap designs merging into novelty shapes such as butterflies and love hearts to rope in the younger market.

012 bcc30ffa7ced68f994ef65bf07357758 images-2

And while this style was hugely popular with the youth market (we all fell victim to the odd body shop birthday gift purchase) this method detracted the older and more lucrative market, by cheapening the product. In turn soaps then took on the olden day, classic aesthetic of the 1920’s and 30’s soap designs which is what has been more heavily used today.


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