Cigarette Packaging Designs


Back in the 1960’s the packaging on cigarettes show smoking as cool and fashionable, with advertising campaigns portraying smoking as stylish, feminine, sophisticated and quite attractive.

tumblr_m7ikphnCbg1qfrzrmo1_500smoking Virginia Slims 68

Virginia Slims by Philip Morris (above) was introduced in 1968. This cigarette packaging depicted women as independent and successful with catchy tag lines such as the infamous “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby.” It portrays female smoking as a way to express one’s independence, as well as a way to be particularly stylish and sexy.


Now days the packaging has changed dramatically due to the harm cigarettes are causing, using graphic pictures of things like diseased lungs and rotten teeth that appear next to the text warnings. It is quite obvious that they are trying to get a message across on how harmful and deadly cigarettes are.


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