William Arnott- Packaging design

The history of Arnott’s Biscuits began in 1865, when Scottish immigrant William Arnott opened a bakery on Hunter Street, Newcastle, New South Wales, providing biscuits and pies to townspeople and ships docking at the local port. Packaging started off in tins all shapes and sizes. Round, square big and small. The tins had a lot of designs and pictures on them, more to keep for a novelty. Now days Arnott’s come in plastic packaging.

In the past five years Arnott’s has:
  • Moved 1,000 tonnes of plastic packaging each year from non-recyclable polystyrene to recyclable PET
  • Ensured 5,000 tonnes of carton board now contains 95% recycled content
  • Introduced packaging recycling and disposal information labelling on packaging
  • Eliminated 130 tonnes of plastic packaging each year
  • Eliminated 12 tonnes of steel packaging each year
  • Eliminated 600 tonnes of cardboard packaging each year
  • Reduced pallets by 27,000, while transporting the same number of finished goods.

Arnott’s have keep the parrot throughout the package design which is how people recognize the brand. The logo (parrot) wasn’t officially registered as a trademark until 22nd of February 1907.



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