X-Men Comic Covers/Packaging

X-Men comics covers have changed over the decades in various ways and artistic forms. The original covers in the 1960’s were an eye grabber. They would showcase the protagonists incredible abilities in hand-drawn and starkly coloured images. It would depict the group in heroic deeds or facing some form of epic battle. The font would seem to leap off of the page and draw you in as did the characters appear to themselves. These were enough to draw in the market decade. Now, much more is expected from the once child-aimed market of comic novels. As the children who once bought these comic books in the 1960’s have grown so to has the form and execution of art. In this day, X-Men covers are barely recognisable from their original heritage. No longer do they display massive battles and retro colour schemes and the execution of superhuman abilities, though some still appear. The current X-Men covers have matured alongside their fans. They are darker and far-more thought provoking then their 20th century counterparts, reaching out to the expectations of an eager audience. They encompass more mature concepts such as violence, war, sex, death, discrimination and loss. The covers have also become more character orientated, exposing generally a single character. These elements are showcased on the covers and are as eyegrabbing for fans now as the original ‘retro’ covers were in the day. However, we still see these original concepts are occasionally seen in various covers.ImageImageImageImage


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