Andru: tea packaging

We can see a return to the original imagery used on tea packaging back in the early 1900’s. Originally the Indian iconography played a major part in tea packaging, as tea company proprietors wanted to market the product as an “exotic” product from a far away mystical land. This was later phased out as I suspect rich white people didn’t want to be reminded of the fact that their morning ‘cuppa’, was the result of third world labor and unethical trade. Today, many tea companies are proud of their efforts to make tea production farer for all, and even the most common brands such as Taylors and Nerada, offer fair trade products within their range.

The use of traditional Indian paisley patterns has been adopted by several present day tea packages, giving the product an authentic vibe. Most ’boutique’ style tea packaging these days has some sort of vintage style contained within in. Whether it be the typography or the photography, elements of the old are all the rage……for now.

Darjeeling Orange Pecco Tea Sample Tin: Dates from c 1905.riquet-darjeeling-sample-60 Sir_Thomas_J_Lipton_Darjeeling_Tea_Bag_0000x0000_0




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