Andru Chocolate box

Brand Name: Serendipity Chocolate

Product Name: Tattooed Lady Fingers

Inspired by: Old fashion sideshow and circus posters.

Target market: Alternative/counter culture adults age 20-30, Vegan, health conscious, organic, ethical, novelty.

Look: Box: Simple rectangular box which stands vertically; similar to tea packaging, or possibly something more elaborate. Will feature a vintage portrait image of a tattooed lady.  Product: The chocolate will be in the form of actual life size fingers, made in a mould. Wrappers: Will twist either end of each finger. The wrappers will have classic tattoo motifs on them, and the ends will be stripy probably red and white. il_570xN.387046056_ewqw MD001-dark-lowres-web-RGB-212x300 2 09_28_10_Digestives2 100_2818 2037865383_39fbd36755 GermanChocolateBox-500x326 rogers_early_years_myers_card_wm                          sideshowbge2da1c02293ef1861ec0dc53da7d11941 Wallona Aritta


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