Serendipity Chocolate Melts/Drops






Return Brief – ‘Serendipity’ Chocolate Melts or Drops

Target Market – Mature Age, Female, Glass of Wine & Chocolate, No Special Occasion Required.

Imagery – Photographic Based, Chocolate Drops, Chocolate Writing, Lines of Chocolate, Minimal 1950’s Retro Style, Atomic Lines?

Colour – Chocolate with orange or mint flavour.

Typography – DaFont, The Loyalist, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Dealer.

Photoshop Brushes?

Packaging – Thin Rectangle Box, Fine Lines.


Packaging Design – Milk

Milk in the 1920’s was packaged simply and gave an impression of fresh.  The milkman delivered the silver/gold/red/blue top glass bottles to your door and in some way this early morning special delivery signaled the start of a new day.

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Milk changed through the decades along with the career of the milkman.  Milk through targeted packaging now offered a range of stylized choices:

  • Pasteurized and Unpasteurized
  • Whole Milk
  • Semi-Skimmed
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Homogenized Milk
  • Long Life Milk and UHT Milk
  • Dried and Canned Milk

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During this time, milk and graphic design became crazy partners.  Somehow the simple sale of milk became a heavily marketed staple.

From research it would appear that milk has now completed a full circle of design and returned back to its roots – the trusty glass bottle with a touch of graphic design.

milk-02 lovely-package-a-design-award-1  gen_milk-package-design

Poster Designs

Posters are pieces of printed paper designed to be attached to walls, etc, and generally include both textual and graphic elements.  Designs are meant to be both eye catching and informative to convey a message for many different purposes (events, concerts, films, etc)

Poster Designers researched include Beggar Staffs, Robert Bereny, Gino Bocasile, Sandor Bortnyk, Firmin Bouisset, Leonetto Cappiello, Jean Carlu to contemporary designers such as David Tartakover, Jefferson Wood, Echo Chernik, Warren Dayton, Andrew Francois, Syd Brak and Reza Abedini.

Syd Brak designs both airbrush and illustration were interesting designs, however, in general, I liked many of the designers and have chosen to include various posters in this blog.

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Colour Theorist Johannes Itten – Ellie

Colour Theorist Johannes Itten

From 1919 to 1933 the Bauhaus School supported innovation in arts and architecture.  It was during this time that Johannes Itten (a teacher at the Bauhaus) developed the ‘Colour Wheel’.  Colour, through the development of the colour wheel, was enhanced through the ability to apply different palettes, group colours together and use different shades or hues.  The colour wheel introduced colour harmony and colour cultural association to the world and is now used widely within various innovative industries, including architecture, interior decoration, graphic design and artistry.



Further colour theories were developed by the Bauhaus, including, associating colour with individual emotions and aura (preferences and sensations).  These psychological theories developed by the Bauhaus are utilised today by artists and marketers in industries to prompt psychological colour responses towards hunger, relaxation, activity, fun, etc.


The Bauhaus influenced various art movements.  An example is ‘Abstract Expressionism’, where art revolved around colour theories through the use of clean, clear edges of solid colours.


Typographer – Marian Bantjes – Ellie

Typographer – Marian Bantjes


Marian Bantjes describes herself as a Graphic Artist, however, works primarily with custom types and ornamental design.  Bantjes is known for her detailed and precise vector art, obsessive hand work, patterning and highly ornamental style.

Stefan Sagmeister calls Bantjes ‘One of the most innovative typographers working today’.





Marian’s work has a fluid nature which reflects a patterned and ornamental style and Marian has been hired to create custom types for magazines, advertising and special projects.

Clients include Saks Fifth Avenue, Penguin Books and the New York Times.






Ellie – Scher Logo Design


Paula Scher and Logo Design





Paula creates images that speak to contemporary audiences with emotional impact and appeal.  Her career monograph is ‘Make it Bigger’, and that can be seen in her large scale typography projects that are spread across floors, walls and buildings.

Paula has lectured and exhibited all over the world, you can find some of her inspiring, thought provoking and slightly humorous speeches at and  Areas of distinction include identity design, packaging design, publication design and environmental graphics.

An example of a recent logo design is Microsoft 8, where Scher asked ‘Your name is Windows, Why are you a flag?’  This then took Scher and Microsoft on a journey to the roots of the organisation, whereby, the brand started as a window, but over the years, as computing systems grew more powerful and graphics more complex, the logo evolved into a flag.  As you will see from the windows logo below, Scher has taken Microsoft back to its window’s roots and somewhat decoded the original organisational message.  An inspiring, confident designer, willing to stand out and do something different – non conventional – DESIGN.